This year’s festival will feature acts from across the world coming together to celebrate Latin American culture. Below is the list of featured performers:


DJ Ole Inconfundible

Trifilio tango

Trifilio Tango Trio (Argentina)

TTT presents original tango music as well as performing tango classics.


Tinkuy Music

Tinkuy brings the spirit of the Andean music to each performance.


Radio Jarocho

Radio Jarocho plays Son Jarocho music fashioned after the towns, musicians and swampy countryside that created it in Veracruz, Mexico.


Capoeira Resistencia

An Afro-Brazilian martial art disguised as dance developed by Angolan slaves in Brazil during the colonial period. It is the national sport of Brazil and taught through out the world.


La Maquina de El Salvador

World Renowned musical group will put on a dynamic show celebrating the best of tropical music.


Atrapado Musical

Atrapado playing Regional Mexican Music in the central VA area.


Orquidea de Oro

Orquidea de Oro promotes and disseminates the values and traditions of our Hispanic American culture in the United States.


Latin Clave

Formed by a group of dedicated musicians in Roanoke, VA, Latin Clave plays upbeat Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Merengue and Latin Jazz.

Congreso de Marinera 2010 026=Grupo

Centro Cultural Peru

A non-profit whose main objective is the diffusion of Peruvian folklore and customs, offering dances from different regions of Peru.


Charlottesville Tango Society

We are an all volunteer, non-profit community of Argentine Tango dancers who participate because we love the dance. We also exist to promote Argentine Tango and to that end, we offer classes, sponsor Milongas and practices, and present workshops and festivals at various times throughout the year.


Tradiciones Bolivianas

Tradiciones Bolivianas, Bolivian Traditions Cultural Society, was formed
by artists and tradition bearers from Bolivia, in an effort to preserve
and share the culture, music, dance, and traditions of the Bolivian Culture.

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