In 2012 Estela Knott, a local musician, teacher, and organizer of cultural arts projects based out of the McGuffey Art Center in down town Charlottesville met Fanny Smedile of Ecuador, director of Sin Barreras Cville, a local non-profit that directly serves the needs of our local immigrant community members. Together they, along with volunteers and friends, created Cville Sabroso, Charlottesville’s first annual Latin American music, dance and food festival.

With just 2 months and a tight budget, they were able to bring out a side of Charlottesville that the larger community had never seen before.  It was magical! In 2015, they joined forces with WTJU, IX Art Park and Cville Salsa Club as a part of the Levitte Amp music series and moved Cville Sabroso to IX where more than 3500 attended the festival in 2016.  Now in it’s 5th year, word of this festival has been spreading and is inspiring our Spanish speaking neighbors to step forward and express themselves culturally for the larger community to experience.

What does this do and why is this important?

Well, when a people are invited to share their cultural heritage with their community in a public way, THAT inspires children to value, preserve and evolve their rich cultural traditions. It provokes awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Charlottesville’s growing and evolving culture, and it builds, strengthens and encourages our community to live up to its vision as a ‘great place to live for ALL our citizens”.   THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS SOMETHING WORTH INVESTING IN! write us if you would like to volunteer, donate, vend or perform. We want to hear from you.



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